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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Friday, May 14, 2010

Song for Friday....sweet harmony

Last Thursday, Tom and I went into Victoria to see The Wailin' Jenny's at The Alex Goolden Performance Hall. It used to be an Anglican church and is EVER so beautiful inside with it's massive pipe organ and stained glass windows...the upper balcony is fronted by a gorgeous wrought iron railing...
The picture above is Sara Harmer playing since it was the only picture I could find of the interior.
I didn't take my camera with me but will definitely dedicate a future post on this amazing building.
Anyway what can I say about The Wailin' Jenny's... exquisite musicians, sweet harmonies and pretty to look at. The last song was performed acapella without microphones and was like the voice of angels in this sacred place...and it was a lovely Irish it is to soothe you into the weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Late last fall I stuck this birdhouse on the end of this fence post to get it out of the way of some pruning;
thinking I would move it to a safer spot before nesting season came.
Of course winter came and went, spring arrived and things got busy and I was just about to move it last week when look who's head popped out of the hole!
The box sits only 6 feet above the ground and about 4 feet away from the door to the greenhouse.
I am constantly walking within touching distance but he doesn't seem to mind...
He's busy keeping his lady chickadee fed while she tends to the buisness of sitting on eggs...
He flits about and makes his sweet little 'chick-a-dee-dee-dee' sounds before flying into the box...
First the rose bush, then the fence edge, then the old bicycle handle..
I can't wait to see the chicks when they start to poke their little heads out the hole, calling for some breakfast.
My job? Keep the cat AWAY!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A walk with mom...

On Mother's Day, after our visit with my Grandma, my mom and I took the dogs down to Tod Inlet.
The trails lead you down through the woods to a pretty inlet which used to be a cement factory in the early 1900's.
It was part of a limestone quarry which now holds the world famous Buchart Gardens.
Along the way you pass by remnants of the factory. I believe this would have been part of a pipeline that brought water up from the creek...
Down the trail you go where shells of old storage sheds appear...
The original smoke stack from the cement factory still looms in the distance.
There was a small industry town built here where migrant Chinese workers lived in tiny shacks.
Years ago before it was a park, we would come down and find old bottles, coins and dishes in the woods.
Others lived here as well in bigger houses where only foundations survive today.
Lilacs which were planted long ago have now gone wild and scent the air on these warm spring days...
And funky old maples line the path...
A few of the storage sheds are still in place, although time is starting to camoflauge them...
There are piles of these cement pilons stacked in areas near the water.
Some were still in the Inlet as part of a large wharf for moving the cement onto barges...

The boxes on top of the wood pilons are part of a program to bring back the Purple Martin, a large swallow. 
Looks like a great day for kayaking!
A few Trilliums are still in bloom as well as this rare Pink Lady's Slipper orchid...
The Inlet is now a Provincial Marine park and many boaters moor here in these quiet, sheltered waters....
So the dogs had fun, we had fun, the weather was gorgeous...all in all I would say a perfect day!
When we got back to my mom's, my dad treated us with pizza, wine and a bouquet of carnations for me...
How sweet!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The visit...

This is a story about time...
how it marches on by, no matter what.
These hands are my grandma's.
They wear a wedding ring from my grandpa, gone years before.
These hands washed the faces of  9 children.
Cooked and cleaned for them all.
Held them all in her arms.
Lost one along the way.
Taught them how to laugh.
On mothers day they open a card and a gift from her daughter.
The hands are still able although the mind is not.
Her smiles and hugs for all who come around are abundant but dementia is a terrible thief.
She is quiet and restless and wants her garden and her house back.
The 'home' she lives in is lovely though, and has a resident companion named Buddy.
He brings joy to everyone he meets...a tiny but mighty little guy.
The ladies wear summer hats while we have our tea and cake...
We enjoy the sun and the closeness which the day has brought.
We remind her of other times and places, grandchildren and great grandchildren, trips to Hawaii and the Canadian Rockies...
She likes to hear of these things and a sparkle comes back to her eyes.
These moments in time are precious.
Grab hold and take it all in...breathe it in deep.