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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Song for Friday...for a star...

On CBC radio, in the evening, there's a program called
'As It Happens'.
On my way home from yoga the other night they played the sound of a star called 'Gemma'.
She's also known as K-I-C 1102764.
She's a star.
A REAL star.
That lives 6 billion years away.
In space somewhere.
I didn't know sounds like that existed.
It's called astro-seismology.
I was walking with my nephew one day and he said
"Did you know the stars are out during the day? We just can't see them. They're always there."
What a beautiful thought.
So without further or due,
Here she is...

And here's a sound from a little closer to earth...
Have a starry weekend all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Gordon Lightfoot's 72nd birthday.
What can you say about a Canadian icon who has gifted us with so many great songs?
His contribution to song writing not only brought folks singers from these parts to fame, but he also told the story of some of Canada's history, geography, weather, scents and sounds.
So an extra song this week...
This one's a bit longer than usual but tells the story of the railway that linked Canada together before planes, major highways and all of the other modern technology to come.
Happy Birthday Gord.
You make us proud!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's true!

Well, as promised by the forecasters, the winds came up mighty forceful and knocked out the power for about 9 hours.
As in the previous post, I mentioned that I didn't mind because we were ready for it except...
I decided to make a loaf of banana bread about half an hour before it went out.
What was I thinking?!
I tried to put it in a dutch oven on top of the wood stove for the night but it still wasn't done by 6 a.m
Now for those of you thinking....this loaf is going to be a disaster...
Never fret!
I have the worlds most fool proof-never fail-add what you want-delicious recipe EVER!
I can now add to the title..."even if the power goes out half way through baking time and you have to finish it half on the wood stove half in the oven when the power comes back on".
So with a few simple ingredients...
The prized recipe...
(which I believe came from 'The New York Times Cookbook' years ago)
You will have a beautiful, lovely, moist and scrumptious loaf every time...
This time, I drizzled organic maple syrup over top before I baked it and it gave it a really nice crispy top.
Time for tea!

Monday, November 15, 2010

She's got the power...

Today has been windy, rainy and un nerving.
It will be a dark and stormy night.
The beginning of this type of weather has begun and truth be told, people in these parts get a wee bit nervous.
2006 was one of the worst windstorms we had in a century.
Living amongst big trees is a blessing and a curse.
Mother nature in all her glory can unleash a wicked and deadly blow.
So we hunker down and hope the power stays on.
The longest we were without was 6 days but luckily we have an excellent wood stove which, if we have to, we can cook on top of it.
So today I've been preparing...
a big pot of marinara sauce...
Lots of candles and the hurricane lamp on standby...
Kettle full on the woodstove...
A good book on the go.
Not so bad if you're ready for it.
Still, when those gusts come through, sounding like a freight train, my shoulders hunch up a bit, the heart jumps a few beats faster, secret promises are made with the almighty...
And we brace for it...
Hope for the best.
Not a lot you can do about it, really.
Just cozy up to the heat and marvel in the power.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good eats...

Welcome to...
(That crow was posing so beautifully for me!)
Here is a place that's not only sweet and funky but REALLY good food.
Regina and I popped in for lunch here on this perfect fall day...
Come on in for hand baked goodies, breads, soups and famous mile high sandwiches...
 This is one of the only places in Western Canada that grows it's own grain,
 mills it on site and uses the flour in their baking.
No small feat, I assure you.
At times like these, when I find a place like this, it always gives me that teasing feeling of "Wouldn't it be fun to run a place like this?"
Yeah, right,...waking up at 4 a.m to do the baking, staffing, bills...
It's a lot of hard work!
This place had a line up from the moment we walked in until we left.
If there's no room inside or on the porch, you can pull up a chair at one of the spare tables in the bus!
We had the most delicious red pepper soup with home made bread, strudel, cookies and tea..
Their motto is 
'A Passionate Farm Experience'.
They really do believe in good, wholesome food that tastes fantastic.
AND they grow some WICKED giant pumpkins, that's for sure!
Next time you're out in Saanich, (9100 East Saanich Rd to be exact)
Stop in for a bite...your tummy will thank you.