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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Friday, May 13, 2011

Song for Friday...for Aja

My daughter loves Patrick Watson and I love this song and I love her!
So without further or due...
Have a sweet weekend all!
(p.s...Watch his percussionist on 'glasses'... so great!)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What the?!

This morning, the sun was shining...(cue: birds chirping and happy piano music)
I opened the curtains by the bed and rejoiced.
We've had the coldest, wettest 2 months of spring ever and when the sun does
come out, believe my I am overjoyed.
 I slip on the slippers by the bedside and my mind is already
busy with plans outside in the garden...
As I come around the foot of the bed WITHOUT MY GLASSES,
I see a little cat toy and give the 'ball' a little kick...
(cue: screeching tires to a halt sound)
That's not a cat toy!
Well not MY kind of cat toy.
Not a ball.
But this..
Yup. That's a mouse head.
Just the head.
All body parts are unaccountable for.
I've looked in all the regular hiding spots but just this...
Time to round up The Usual Suspects.
Which amounts to 1.
"Yeah! You! In the black and white! Get down here!"
"Who me? I'm just an innocent house cat!"
"Yeah, but what about that mouse head you left, conveniently in my footpath?!"
"That? That was a gift to let you know how much I love you!"
" thanks."
"Just doin' my job mam."

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Project: Part 2...

As mentioned in this previous post , Norene and I have been working 
with the local grade 5 class on a mosaic project.
We didn't know it, but it was also school picture day.
Not individual pictures, but the ENTIRE school picture.
So I figured I would get in on the action, since my nieces go there as well...
Have you ever heard the actors rule "never work with children or animals"?
It was quite the orchestration to say the least...
The photographer was on the roof, so they all got squinty eyed looking up.
Anyway, after the grand picture taking it was down to the dirty work of getting the grout on...
First to mix it to the right consistency...
Grout dust is very fine, so we had them wear masks...they thought this was pretty cool...
There's nothing like getting your hands in slurpy, sludgy, mud-like goop!
...time to spread it on...
You have to work fairly fast with this stuff as it dries quite quickly...
The kids did a really good job getting into all the nooks and crannies...
Then we had to brush and polish before the grout sets completely...
Only two more panels to go this week and the mosaic will be ready to hang outside the school entrance.
I think the kids are super proud of this project and can't wait to see it finished...
Norene has taught them so much about this ancient art form, perspective, colour and using 
multi dimensional art materials...
...and how fun it is to break dishes and get dirty!!