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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Saturday, September 24, 2011

sunny bees...

After what seemed to be the start of fall, we've been blessed with some last minute,
hot summer weather. Even the nights are warm.
I had replaced my summer blanket with the down comforter and now I 
find myself waking in the night much too hot!
The sunflowers are providing some of the last bit of food for
the bees and, well, I just couldn't help myself but go out
and take pictures of these giants and the busy sunny bees.
 Look how each one has it's own preference of which way to turn it's head!
Some are droopy...
Some look as if they're facing a might wind...
Some decided to have 2 heads...
But most of all, they're all so bold and beautiful!
 Bees are dusted and drunk with the late summer pollen...
What would you do if you were a bee with allergies?!
Took advantage of the sun and heat and made some Linden flower, lemon sun tea...
I must admit though, I'm looking forward to some rain.
The well is very low and I'm ready for some wet weather.
But for now, you take what you are offered in these last heat filled days...drink it all in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What is it about autumn that we love the season so?
 Many people I talk to look forward to the changes that come at this time of year.
Numerous blogs are posting about the smell, the feel, the look of fall.
Maybe it's the cause for coming inside after months of playing outside.
The air is cooler, we want to feel insulated and prepared for the coldest months.
So many feel the tug and pull of the creative beast within.
I have been inspired by the blog resurection fern
Margie Oomen has been keeping a nature journal for the summer, collecting, pressing,
drawing and putting it all in a blank book.
I thought I would keep an autumn nature journal by way of photos a few times a week.
I am a collector by nature and more oft than not bring something home from
my wanderings.

So without further delay we will begin...
Page 1...autumn nature journal.

Wordless...barkless, Wednesday

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wandering, wondering and marvelling...

A beautiful, warm autumn day.
Finally feeling like going on an adventure again, so Norene and I headed out to Jordan River.
 Not much going on here these days except surfers and visitors to the beach,
but back in the day this was a bustling and busy, industrious place.
In 1911 the Vancouver Island Power Company built the second
and largest hydroelectric power plant on the island.
It's been shut down since the mid '70s but I had been there once years ago
and had marvelled at the architecture of the building.
Today's mission was to go find it again.
A short drive through the bush...
...peeking above the alders gone wild we could see the huge structure...
Like finding an Aztec temple in the middle of the jungle, we were giddy with excitement.
Coming around to the front you could imagine the manpower, equipment and materials it 
took to build this thing.
We were a bit nervous about going in, since it's become a bit of a derelict, creepy, party hole
and you never know who or what for that matter, is going to be hanging out here...
But looking beyond the rubble, it was easy to imagine the enormity of the place and 
the power it once generated.
There were huge turbines and pipes and cables.
This plant powered the city of Victoria an hour away.
Holes for massive cables, inside...
...and out.
There's something so grand about a building of this age and history.
Still standing and holding secrets of the one thousand men who worked, lived,
ate and slept here...
If these walls could talk!!
Kids and wild animals have taken over this ground now...
And NATURE herself!
Someday this building will be consumed by the elements...
Gobbled up by brambles and moss and ferns...
The Cumberland bamboo spreading out all around her foundations...
 But the bones of the cement walls should stand for many years to come...
beautiful in her art deco dress...
Shards of her past whispering in the bush beneath...
 On our way out we met this tiny frog who calls this place home...
I leave wanting to know more stories of this place.
A trip to the local museum might turn up some archival photos and put some
images of the faces and of the time when this building was in her glory days.
For now though she sits silently.